The Topix Keepers

Regroup Rebuild Reorganize

Welcome to Keeper HQ

The Topix Keepers are a group of users on that got tired of the trolling, harassment and bullying on the forums and decided to take things into our own hands. We love Topix and want other people to do the same. So, instead of taking the usual route of finding somewhere else to post, we formed this group in an attempt to counter-act the situation and fight back against the trolls and forum bullies, as well as try to help others with their troll problem. Some may ask “Well, doesn’t that make you a troll too?” Yes, it does. Most Topix Keepers were trolls before becoming Keepers, we are counter-trolls and troll bashers. We fight fire with fire and have found it to be quite effective.

The Keepers are out to clean forums and report or bash trolls and bullies in an effort to generate positive discussion and lively debate on Topix, as well as educate people about trolls and how to deal with them. Sure, the road may be long and winding but we’re having fun as we go.

Whether you want to be a Keeper or not, we invite you to join our site. We would be glad to talk with you on any of these subjects and others concerning Topix, trolling, etc. Or help you with your trolling or bullying problem.

As Chris Tolles, CEO of Topix said, the people have the power to change the tone on Topix, we are out to do just that.

Thank you for visiting our website.

- The Topix Keepers Team

Leading Members

These are the Head Members of The Topix Keepers:

Politically - Keepers Commander

Tank - Lt. Commander and Councilor 2

The Spaceman - 2IC and Councilor 1

Wraith Keeper - General and Councilor 3

Virginia - Informant and Councilor 4