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Reply Virginia
12:30 PM on October 23, 2013 
Hello Satan, all are welcome here. Heck, since I am in exile now, this might be my Saint Helena... lol.
Reply IXSatanXI
10:06 AM on March 29, 2013 
Lol, just taking a stroll down memory lane and I see some very familiar faces. one might say that I am a little surprised even. Interesting reading indeed
Reply Skye
3:38 PM on March 11, 2011 
I really wanted to join, but even the disgusting people on topix, scum they are, deserve a place to be. If those people can feel like that their not alone, they are much more likly to be happy, and are much less likly to do bad things.
Reply Denver Insomniac
4:59 PM on January 3, 2011 
Make that "Dearth of Couth"

Reply Denver Insomniac
3:50 PM on January 3, 2011 
Hey Ill Bill!
Reply Ill Bill
3:41 PM on January 3, 2011 
Just stopping by to say Hello.
Reply Denver Insomniac
6:04 AM on December 28, 2010 
Death of Courth,
Our main page explains what we are about.
Thank you for visiting.
Reply Dearth of Couth
5:08 AM on December 16, 2010 
I?m probably reading way too much into this, but speaking as a former military officer myself, I am usually put off by people who affect a pseudo-military manner. Your home page is ?H.Q.? Members have roles like ?Commander? and ?General.? And so on.

Among your stated goals is to ?turn things around and make Topix a truly fantastic website.? Whatever does that mean?

Another thing you hope to achieve: to ?chase off the vile scum that posts on Topix.?

There are people on topix I dislike, but I shy away from calling anyone ?vile scum,? particularly people I don?t even know.

I?m trying to figure out exactly what it is you are trying to do.

What is it?
Reply The Tank
5:57 PM on December 13, 2010 
Thank you, Glinda.
Reply Glinda
1:30 AM on December 9, 2010 
Thanks for the nomination Ginny but I don't think I'm deserving of such an honor.

Cool website Topix Keepers. :)
Reply Topix Avenger
1:27 AM on December 9, 2010 
Topix Avenger was here!