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Banned from Topix

Problems with accessing the site


  1. How do I become a Keeper site member?

    Click here, fill in your information, do what the registration process instructs and you will become a site member like that.

  2. How do I become a Topix Keeper?

    Signing up does not mean becoming a Keeper, you are just a site member.

    If you wish to become a Topix Keeper, please go to our Recruitment Center.

    Once you've completed your application, the Administrators will look at your application and consider your offer.

    Please be patient because sometimes, the Administrators have to contemplate the decision based on who you are and what you do on Topix.

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Banned from Topix

  1. I got banned from Topix

    Only the original Topix Keepers know how to get around Topix bans. We can't guarantee you'll be posting on your banned profile, but we can assure you that your ISP ban will be bypassed. Just PM Virginia (Ginny), PI (Politically), Howl (Spaceman), and TheTank for ways how to unban yourself.


    We will only help banned TKs personnels. If you aren't apart of the TKs, then please do not bother asking us. Also, if you request help to be unbanned then we require links/screenshots/etc (actual proof) as to why you were banned.

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Problems with accessing the site

  1. I tried to go the site, but my internet browser can't find it.

    First off, I highly recommend that you save the site as your favorite, so that way if you forget the name of the site you can always find it.

    Be sure to add "the" before the group's name, and add "".

    If the problem persists then you can email any TKs member and ask for a link to the site. Usually it could be your internet that's acting up, or the TKs changed its domain.

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